The Blazing Lily

by Norhod


Norhod Lucca, Italy

Norhod were born in the summer 2009, but for almost two years since the birth of the project Norhod had a lot of lineup changes.

Finally in 2011 they reach a stable lineup and the record their first EP completely self-produced: "Arianrhod".
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Track Name: Doomed To Oblivion (demo version)
Two hearts, two children born under gloomy sign of blood
red dawn announce decided fate of humanity.
Shadow against the light, endless fight between two souls
Enchained to their destiny
Enchained to their destiny

The axe will fall down
With a rain of blood
Flood of tears
Flood of tears

Their eyes will mirror the final sunset of hope
Shadows will drown in a sea of light
The one who brings the mourn
The eternal fight
Until the end
the end of times

His heart is full of power given to him by the time
Waiting until the last grain of the golden sand
fire of desperation won’t destroy the green lands
new era is going to begin
new era is going to begin

Everything in flames
Burning souls
Smell of death on earth

I will feed on your sweet blood
The light will be by my side
Brightening the path towards the salvation
This is my curse, not my will
Maybe she will change my doom

He saw the ethereal pureness of her pale and shiny face
She was enchanted by his desecrating glance
I want to touch your limbs, you have to be mine
I see salvation in your eyes in your eyes
in my eyes

Our symphony will play in the deepest night
Only a requiem for me
My love can solve your painful fate
‘cause I’m doomed to oblivion
The one who brings the mourn
sorrow in my hands
I’ll be your end
New beginning
Doomed to oblivion
Track Name: Lily's Ashes (demo version)
I see through your dark veil
Let me inside
I just want to rip the pain that distresses you
I wish every tears I shed
Only for you
Will purify your eyes

His hate consumes you
Will erase your life
The lily is blazing
And only ashes will remain
Smother your love
Disown what you feel
Pureness will be lost forever

Like night and day
Without sunset and dawn
To entwine them
Like fire that melts cold ice
When its tongues embrace the heart
Let’s go away
From this nightmare

My heart doesn’t contain
Only evilness
Her light envelops me, so softly
The sweet innocence
Is enchanting me
Her scent elate my mind

It’s only an illusion
This hope will die with you
She will be dragged
In your dark grave
Don’t waste your time
Concentrate yourself
The end is near,
The world must be yours
Track Name: Last Sundown (demo version)
For one is the last sundown
in their hands the fate of humanity
battlefield will judge
blood will stain the ground
founding the new dominion

The moment was finally arrive with declining sun
silence was falling down
on fields and greenwoods
only their breathing could be perceived in the lands
the battle has begun

My heart is beating with the cold sound of their swords
His pain is mine, his blood gushing from my veins
All his wounds hurt my chest so full of grief
Our love and end, our epitaph and peace

The dawn of a new world has begun, hail to the brave one
shouts of glory everywhere
no more pain for us
a wind of change blows upon our heads
our end
Track Name: Arianrhod (demo version)
Pure with the malicious
Pale in the dark night
Forever embraced by obscurity
White moon, silver wheel

Now he exhales his last breath in her frail arms
My dear, don’t leave me here alone in the silence
His spirit flies with no destination
I’ll look for you to be yours forever

You take delight in our end
You fools, your peace won’t last
The evil is always lurking
It’s not enough to defeat it once

Nothing will save me from my oblivion
The darkness of the night sky will be my home
Only the lily’s ashes
Nothing will save me from my oblivion
You will knock at my castle

Waiting the silver wheel turning for you
I will bring you towards your last haven
But not mine

Now my dreams are in the sky
My dear, everywhere you are don’t forget me
My tears in the stars, my face in the full moon
And I will shine for you for the eternity...